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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dignity, where are you?

Sometimes I find myself asking “Where is the people’s dignity?”, “Where are the values which they learnt with their families and educators?” “Why did people forget the meaning of their own respect?” I can not understand, I would love to but it seems quite difficult.
People become materialist and capitalist, they just care about profit and own benefit. They do everything to achieve what they want. When I say everything I really mean that.  People do not look to the way to achieve their goals. They do not care about how they do, people just want everything done in their way.
People kill, people steal, people lie and people deceive. It is like the very famous expression says “sell your own soul to the demon”. People prefer to steal rather than work.
Humanity spends more money in weapons and war materials instead of goods, health and food. People prefer to show to others how many luxuries they can have, they have to highlight how high their position in the society is. It does not have to be true.
Where is the respect of people who work hard every day the whole day? Why do people still want more and more when they have everything?
It is really hard to understand. Dignity is a big moral value and it should be respected in every way of our lives. It is pointless to achieve our aims sacrificing such a precious feature.
People should be gentler, having more respect about themselves and the others.
Fight with honor, lose with dignity and win with glory.
That’s what I think. :)