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Friday, 12 October 2012

Introducing myself

Well I am not the best person to describe myself so I asked my boyfriend who knows me like no one. :)

"How to describe Blue with simple words is something I can´t do, but I can give it a try, although it’ll be way far from saying everything she is, and describing her great personality.
This girl, that I have the huge luck to call my girlfriend, is, in first place, someone who you can always count on. She can be friend of almost anyone, and she never ever turns her back to a friendship.
She is someone that will never disappoint you, she understands all points of view, she never criticizes others for their beliefs or opinions. Because of this, you can always tell her everything and trust on her, because she never judges you.

She is hard-working, she has values and she fights a lot for what she wants. Sometimes she gets disappointed with herself, and she needs a lot of self-confidence.
But one thing is right, she never gives up and she keeps going even when everyone is against her.
She is a really really funny person, she might be introverted like me, but when you have confidence with her, every time with her is excellent time spent :D

Some people might say she has child behavior, but she is very mature, and she knows how to separate fun from serious stuff. I think people who criticize her for that are just dying of jealousy. They wish they could be has light as she is, even when half the world is against her and she doesn’t deserve to be sad. She always turns things around and ends up being funny :)

She is the best person to pick others up and making them feel good, independently of who they are.
She might fall, but she always stands up, and I am so glad that I can reach out to her when she falls and pick her up! Because she already picked herself up too many times…

We all have defects, but among a lot of things, what also makes me love her is that she knows her defects, and her defects are smooth because she never lets anyone down, she always tries to give her best.
Personally, I love her defects, they don’t make me sad, they make me smile because they are so insignificant if you compare to most people’s defects that I can even call them virtues sometimes!

And she has here one person that will never ever leave her side. I found the best person in all of the world and I am really really thankful for that"

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