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Sunday, 14 October 2012

"Gamar com style" (stealing with style)

Portugal is the country where I am from and I can say it full of pride. I love my country and I love the Portuguese People. We are a very united people, we try to find always the best way to get off our problems and crisis.

These days Portugal is suffering a big economical crisis. Our ministers seem not interested in doing something to change it. They just describe plans of austerity and sacrifice to the people.
We like to respond to this sad situation with humor, rather than violence like Greece. We like to show our dissatisfaction with peace parades and with the great use of comedy.

One example that I would like to share with you is a Parody of the music PSY - Gangam Style. It is called "Gamar com Style" which means stealing with style. It was made by a group of Portuguese comedians The video portrays the situation of Portugal and refers to the name of our Prime minister Passos Coelho and Merkel which likes to give us orders too :)

The video has subtitles in English for you to understand.
I hope you enjoy it, because I just loved!

Don't forget to smile, today we can have a gray day, but tomorrow the sun can come.