If your life turn its back to you kick its arse :)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

if you can do it today, why do you have to leave it for tomorrow?

If you need a change in your life do not wait for tomorrow.
Do it today!
If you want to forgive someone do not wait for tomorrow
Do it today!
If you want to set up your goals and conquer your dreams, do not wait for tomorrow
Start it today!

Believe me tomorrow can be to late.
Time does not wait for you to decide so don't wait for the time to make your choices.

Today is the right time. Go ahead and you won't regret it.

Saturday, 1 December 2012


"Attitude": a simple and small word that can make all the difference! Attitude is a must in our lives if you want to go far. Showing that you have attitude can make all the difference.
It is like confidence but in a different perspective and with a different approach.

If you have attitude you will see things get simpler.

If you want to prove to someone that you are the right person to do the task required, you must show attitude. Be brave.

Attitude changes everything.
It is portrayed in your positive thoughts, in your confidence and in your great view for the future.
Make it happen, show up your amazing attitude and believe me, you will achieve really high goals.

Attitude can be your gateway for your success.
Be different, break the standards.
Just be yourself and take the best out of your great attitude.

Hello December :)

I couldn't believe when I woke up and figured out that December had arrived. It means the winter is coming and the cold days are going to get worse.
Well, I like December. It is the month of the family parties like Christmas and New Year, at least for me.

When I was a child, I was used to build up the Christmas Tree with my family on this day. I was used to buy a chocolate calendar and eat the little squares until Christmas Eve ( I am still doing it).
I like to enjoy the cold and listen to the rain when I am at home drinking an hot chocolate and being wrapped in my favourite duvet. So good!

December, December...welcome!
The last month of the year.
The first month of the winter
One of my favourite months.

And I believe December is going to be a great month.
Great things are just coming to cheer up my life.

December arrived is time to smile because you are beautiful:)