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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fatty? Skinny? Does it really matter?

Why do beauty has to be a concept? Why? That's ridiculous. That's just stupid.
Someone woke up in the morning and decided to create a concept...a concept of beauty based on numbers. How did he dare?

According to my point of view everyone is beautiful. Every single person has his special features.
It doesn't matter the weight that someone has, it doesn't matter how tall he or she is. It is so irrelevant.
Measures define nothing. Numbers can't be a way of labelling. 

It is very important that we love ourselves, it is crucial that we respect our body and accept it. It carries a lot throughout our lives.

You can't compare your body with other peoples body. You can't feel inferior if you have more or less weight, if you are taller or smaller.
You are what you are and that's it. You are special because no one is like you.

If someone one starts insulting you based on your weight, you won't take it serious. You know why? Because, no one has the right to judge you :)

No one can classify you inferior, ugly or useless. NO ONE

Society likes to underline that being fatty is awful, a shame and a terrible nightmare.
But you know what? It is not necessarily true. 
Curves are beautiful :)

People also like to judge skinny people, saying that they are a pair of bones. But I have something to tell you. Shut them up! 

Some individuals are just jealous others simply like to tear people down.

However equilibrium is always important. Obesity and extreme thinness are not healthy. And this is really important to bear in mind.

You are beautiful in the way you are. But you can't think it means you do not have to look after your well-being and healthy.
This is a great factor of beauty, the way you treat your body is something important to consider.

Well, apart from that enjoy yourself.
Forget the stupid society labels.
Do not give a damn about what the others think about you. If you like yourself, you'll care about yourself and if you care, you'll enjoy yourself. :)

Please do me a favour :) Love yourself and also forget those who do not give you value.

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