If your life turn its back to you kick its arse :)

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dignity, where are you?

Sometimes I find myself asking “Where is the people’s dignity?”, “Where are the values which they learnt with their families and educators?” “Why did people forget the meaning of their own respect?” I can not understand, I would love to but it seems quite difficult.
People become materialist and capitalist, they just care about profit and own benefit. They do everything to achieve what they want. When I say everything I really mean that.  People do not look to the way to achieve their goals. They do not care about how they do, people just want everything done in their way.
People kill, people steal, people lie and people deceive. It is like the very famous expression says “sell your own soul to the demon”. People prefer to steal rather than work.
Humanity spends more money in weapons and war materials instead of goods, health and food. People prefer to show to others how many luxuries they can have, they have to highlight how high their position in the society is. It does not have to be true.
Where is the respect of people who work hard every day the whole day? Why do people still want more and more when they have everything?
It is really hard to understand. Dignity is a big moral value and it should be respected in every way of our lives. It is pointless to achieve our aims sacrificing such a precious feature.
People should be gentler, having more respect about themselves and the others.
Fight with honor, lose with dignity and win with glory.
That’s what I think. :) 

Monday, 29 October 2012

Love yourself :*

The Best love that we can receive is the self-love. Love yourself, love your personality and love your body. No one has the right to judge you. Be yourself and nothing else matters.
Don't believe in measures, remember numbers are nothing. Just be you. :)

Enjoy yourself, please yourself and reward yourself. You deserve the best things that life can give.
Live your life with passion, make your dreams come true, LOVE AND BE HAPPY.

 Don't let people design your way, your life and besides that do not allow them to make the rules  on your life neither make your decisions in your behalf.
Don't be your own enemy, BE YOUR BEST FRIEND, you can only trust truthfully in yourself.

Once again love yourself because you are beautiful no matter what.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

I miss you

No one can imagine how much I miss you and how much I need you. I miss your touch, your cold touch that shivers down my spine. I miss your pure smell. It is amazing how well it makes my lungs feel.
I miss your magnificent sound and our conversations. I miss the days that I sat by you and told stories about my life while you wet my feet.  Amazing sensation, how could I forget?
Your strength is incredible as well as your mood. You can be really scary and powerful: you destroy everything around you, when you are mad. Otherwise you can be the most pacific phenomenon in the entire Universe.
Inside you lives a entire new world full of magic and colour. I miss to dive in you and explore your deepness.
I love you, you are the best Natural creation, you are the most beautiful and precious thing. I love you my wonderful sea.

Friday, 26 October 2012

I love my parents

My parents are the most precious gift I could ever have. I feel fortunate to have them as my idols. They were the most important factor of the creation of my personality. I am who I am thanks to them.
They are my biggest support and my best friends. If I need help, they will be the first people who give me a hand.  If I fall, they will lift me up. If I do a mistake, they will not criticise.They always heal my scars and clean my tears. They always forgive all my mistakes. They let me follow my own choices and they never judge me when I make wrong choices. They are always there to help me in any circumstance.
I always knew my limits, my parents always showed me to where I could go. They respected my space and privacy but also they were conscious about what I was doing.
I love my parents, I really do. They are just perfect for me. I am very proud to be their daughter. My desires are to make them proud of me as well, I want to make them happy and satisfied. I want to prove them that the education they gave me couldn't be better. 
I am very thankful: thank you mom, thank you dad for being so amazing. Without you I would never achieve what I got and I would never be the person who I became.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Healthy body, healthy mind

It might take time to learn, but at least we learnt. These days life taught me that everything has to be done with care, equilibrium and patience. For instance, if I want to lose weight to be healthier, it will be a big mistake if I stop eating. I have to take the control and do my life step by step, day by day. Ok, it will take more time to achieve my goals, but I will get them with energy, positivism and health.

I really want to enjoy myself, I feel that I need to make some changes in my behaviour to aim it. So let's do it. Why not? What do I have to lose?
If it is good for me, I must do it. Right?

After the big scream it is time to start the new life with no fool diets, pills or crazy behaviours. One step at time. I will make it, because I was born to win.

At the end of the day I will see a beatiful and healthy body with a fresh and energetic mind. I deserve it and I will fight for it.

Smiling is one way to start with positivism my fight
So let's smile and be happy, with will everything is possible to achieve.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


There are some days that we have to scream "IT'S ENOUGH" to wake ourselves up reminding that life is to be lived and not to be regretted.
Today is that day.
I woke up! I was fed up of regretting everything and I was tired of faking smiles.
I washed my tears and stood up.
I am here, I am back :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Scared, Afraid and Hopeless

Sometimes I have days like today. Days that I feel useless and sad. Days that I prefer to stay at home and hide from the world
Whispers, mean whispers keep saying that I am ugly, fat and shameless. They are like the mirror, however they just come to my mind when I feel weak and unprotected.

I am falling down, losing myself to the darkness. My consciousness is fading away and I just want to punish my body: cut my wrist and scratch my face.

It is terrible to deal with this, I ask myself many many times: why do I feel this? What is the reason for my own disrespect? Why do I let voices convince me of such bad things?

I am so scared, really scared. I do not want to show myself to the world. I am afraid of their judgments, their comments. They look at me with disrespect and contempt.

I feel lonely, I need help and hope. It would be perfect to find a place where there is no traits, no labels, no judgments and no concepts of superiority or inferiority. It would be great. I would be happy there.

Hey Hey, is there someone there that can help me? Helping me to open my eyes and see beauty in myself. I need, I really, really need.
I can't do it alone. The voices took the best of me and now I do not have the strength to fight them.

There are always days like today. The good news: tomorrow the sun will come again. Hopefully I will feel better, because inside myself I believe that I am beautiful in my way. I just need to be fully convinced.

All the best wishes
Please smile and be happy

Monday, 15 October 2012

*Phrases from the heart*

Life can be a rush, but if we took a couple of minutes to stop for a while and enjoy a tasty cup of coffee, the day will seem easier and more beautiful <3

Mirror, mirror is there someone more beautiful than me?

"Mirror, mirror is there someone more beautiful than me?" is one of the most famous phrases from the Disney Fairy Tails.
Unfortunately in the real world things seem to be different. The mirror is our mind and says what we want to hear.
Well this is the worst part of the story. I and the mirror have a terrible relationship. Every single day it tears me down and it says that I am ugly, fat and a failure person. It always reminds me that any one can beat me, that I will not achieve anything and I will end totally alone and unloved. I scream and punch it with anger and suffer until I realise that the mirror is just saying the truth.
I close myself in my world crying and crying, saying out loud how much I hate myself and how much I am useless.
Suicide thoughts come to my mind and I start having ideas of ending with my life.
However it comes a time in my life that I have strength to say: "It's enough" and with no hesitation I punch the mirror. There is no more bad whispers, mean thoughts or discourage voices. I am the one who lead my life.
I am what I want and I believe that I am beautiful, I have reasons for that.

Seven years of bad luck now? Stupid, the world would be ruined if I didn’t break the mirror and change my mind thoughts.

That's a lesson of life, you shouldn't hear what an object has to tell you if it is to hurt you. No one and nothing has the right to tear you down.
You have to love and accept yourself as you are. If there is something that you don't like at all change it, you can do it, just believe. Believe please.

We are all beautiful, we are all different hence do not follow measures or concepts. We don't have to be like an advert wants us to be.
Just be you pretty person :) and smile please :) You are beautiful.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

* Phrases from the heart *

If you have to love, love today

If you have to smile, smile today
If you have to hug someone, hug today
If you have to forgive, forgive today

Because what you have to do has to be done today
Yesterday has gone and tomorrow can never come.

"Gamar com style" (stealing with style)

Portugal is the country where I am from and I can say it full of pride. I love my country and I love the Portuguese People. We are a very united people, we try to find always the best way to get off our problems and crisis.

These days Portugal is suffering a big economical crisis. Our ministers seem not interested in doing something to change it. They just describe plans of austerity and sacrifice to the people.
We like to respond to this sad situation with humor, rather than violence like Greece. We like to show our dissatisfaction with peace parades and with the great use of comedy.

One example that I would like to share with you is a Parody of the music PSY - Gangam Style. It is called "Gamar com Style" which means stealing with style. It was made by a group of Portuguese comedians The video portrays the situation of Portugal and refers to the name of our Prime minister Passos Coelho and Merkel which likes to give us orders too :)

The video has subtitles in English for you to understand.
I hope you enjoy it, because I just loved!

Don't forget to smile, today we can have a gray day, but tomorrow the sun can come.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Oh Night! You are so beautiful!

“Night” it is a beautiful word for an amazing Nature phenomenon.  We can contemplate the beauty of the Universe at night: its planets, its stars and moons. Wonderful, indeed! I feel rich just to have the opportunity to see falling stars and making wishes. Innocent wishes that I desire to be true.
The night is quite and pacific, calm and tranquil, the perfect time to relax and reflect. At night I can stop for a second and think about my life, make plans and dream about the future.
It might be dark, but I like darkness =).  
Oh Night! You are so beautiful, the moonlight is just terrific! Thanks, thanks for giving me the opportunity to see you, to adore you and to contemplate you. The sky at night is the richest thing ever. Full of mystery and wishes.

Oh Night you are so beautiful and I love you so much!

Friday, 12 October 2012

In my way to achieve a dream

Two thousand and eleven was the year of the big changes. My life was turned upside down so quick.
I left my country to follow a dream. I left my family and my friends behind to start a new life and to walk in a different path that I chose.  It was hard to believe that I went to the University in England, I made the approval exams and I got the score that I needed.  I got a pass to go to London Metropolitan University and study “Criminology and Psychology”, what more could I wish? Besides that the staff was amazing and very helpful, they made me feel in home and held me in my hardest time.
My goodness, this is one year ago, now I am in my second year! How can that be possible?  How? I am in my way to conquer the world and I don’t even notice.  That’s so exciting! Uni started last week and I am feeling very confident. The support that I have been received is a huge reason, however I have to bear in mind that everything depends on me, and I know that the greatest reason is my self-motivation.
Well, this is a great example that all the dreams can be achieved if we fight for them. If we believe on ourselves, we will get the chance to win.  
So it is time to say: Smile, you are beautiful, you can make it. Go ahead and be happy. :)

Introducing myself

Well I am not the best person to describe myself so I asked my boyfriend who knows me like no one. :)

"How to describe Blue with simple words is something I can´t do, but I can give it a try, although it’ll be way far from saying everything she is, and describing her great personality.
This girl, that I have the huge luck to call my girlfriend, is, in first place, someone who you can always count on. She can be friend of almost anyone, and she never ever turns her back to a friendship.
She is someone that will never disappoint you, she understands all points of view, she never criticizes others for their beliefs or opinions. Because of this, you can always tell her everything and trust on her, because she never judges you.

She is hard-working, she has values and she fights a lot for what she wants. Sometimes she gets disappointed with herself, and she needs a lot of self-confidence.
But one thing is right, she never gives up and she keeps going even when everyone is against her.
She is a really really funny person, she might be introverted like me, but when you have confidence with her, every time with her is excellent time spent :D

Some people might say she has child behavior, but she is very mature, and she knows how to separate fun from serious stuff. I think people who criticize her for that are just dying of jealousy. They wish they could be has light as she is, even when half the world is against her and she doesn’t deserve to be sad. She always turns things around and ends up being funny :)

She is the best person to pick others up and making them feel good, independently of who they are.
She might fall, but she always stands up, and I am so glad that I can reach out to her when she falls and pick her up! Because she already picked herself up too many times…

We all have defects, but among a lot of things, what also makes me love her is that she knows her defects, and her defects are smooth because she never lets anyone down, she always tries to give her best.
Personally, I love her defects, they don’t make me sad, they make me smile because they are so insignificant if you compare to most people’s defects that I can even call them virtues sometimes!

And she has here one person that will never ever leave her side. I found the best person in all of the world and I am really really thankful for that"