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Monday, 15 October 2012

Mirror, mirror is there someone more beautiful than me?

"Mirror, mirror is there someone more beautiful than me?" is one of the most famous phrases from the Disney Fairy Tails.
Unfortunately in the real world things seem to be different. The mirror is our mind and says what we want to hear.
Well this is the worst part of the story. I and the mirror have a terrible relationship. Every single day it tears me down and it says that I am ugly, fat and a failure person. It always reminds me that any one can beat me, that I will not achieve anything and I will end totally alone and unloved. I scream and punch it with anger and suffer until I realise that the mirror is just saying the truth.
I close myself in my world crying and crying, saying out loud how much I hate myself and how much I am useless.
Suicide thoughts come to my mind and I start having ideas of ending with my life.
However it comes a time in my life that I have strength to say: "It's enough" and with no hesitation I punch the mirror. There is no more bad whispers, mean thoughts or discourage voices. I am the one who lead my life.
I am what I want and I believe that I am beautiful, I have reasons for that.

Seven years of bad luck now? Stupid, the world would be ruined if I didn’t break the mirror and change my mind thoughts.

That's a lesson of life, you shouldn't hear what an object has to tell you if it is to hurt you. No one and nothing has the right to tear you down.
You have to love and accept yourself as you are. If there is something that you don't like at all change it, you can do it, just believe. Believe please.

We are all beautiful, we are all different hence do not follow measures or concepts. We don't have to be like an advert wants us to be.
Just be you pretty person :) and smile please :) You are beautiful.

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