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Sunday, 28 October 2012

I miss you

No one can imagine how much I miss you and how much I need you. I miss your touch, your cold touch that shivers down my spine. I miss your pure smell. It is amazing how well it makes my lungs feel.
I miss your magnificent sound and our conversations. I miss the days that I sat by you and told stories about my life while you wet my feet.  Amazing sensation, how could I forget?
Your strength is incredible as well as your mood. You can be really scary and powerful: you destroy everything around you, when you are mad. Otherwise you can be the most pacific phenomenon in the entire Universe.
Inside you lives a entire new world full of magic and colour. I miss to dive in you and explore your deepness.
I love you, you are the best Natural creation, you are the most beautiful and precious thing. I love you my wonderful sea.


  1. Hope you love me as much as you love it :P

    1. And you still comment my text as an anonymous :P