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Friday, 26 October 2012

I love my parents

My parents are the most precious gift I could ever have. I feel fortunate to have them as my idols. They were the most important factor of the creation of my personality. I am who I am thanks to them.
They are my biggest support and my best friends. If I need help, they will be the first people who give me a hand.  If I fall, they will lift me up. If I do a mistake, they will not criticise.They always heal my scars and clean my tears. They always forgive all my mistakes. They let me follow my own choices and they never judge me when I make wrong choices. They are always there to help me in any circumstance.
I always knew my limits, my parents always showed me to where I could go. They respected my space and privacy but also they were conscious about what I was doing.
I love my parents, I really do. They are just perfect for me. I am very proud to be their daughter. My desires are to make them proud of me as well, I want to make them happy and satisfied. I want to prove them that the education they gave me couldn't be better. 
I am very thankful: thank you mom, thank you dad for being so amazing. Without you I would never achieve what I got and I would never be the person who I became.

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