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Friday, 12 October 2012

In my way to achieve a dream

Two thousand and eleven was the year of the big changes. My life was turned upside down so quick.
I left my country to follow a dream. I left my family and my friends behind to start a new life and to walk in a different path that I chose.  It was hard to believe that I went to the University in England, I made the approval exams and I got the score that I needed.  I got a pass to go to London Metropolitan University and study “Criminology and Psychology”, what more could I wish? Besides that the staff was amazing and very helpful, they made me feel in home and held me in my hardest time.
My goodness, this is one year ago, now I am in my second year! How can that be possible?  How? I am in my way to conquer the world and I don’t even notice.  That’s so exciting! Uni started last week and I am feeling very confident. The support that I have been received is a huge reason, however I have to bear in mind that everything depends on me, and I know that the greatest reason is my self-motivation.
Well, this is a great example that all the dreams can be achieved if we fight for them. If we believe on ourselves, we will get the chance to win.  
So it is time to say: Smile, you are beautiful, you can make it. Go ahead and be happy. :)


  1. You will always be happy as long as you trust yourself! :)

    1. Thank you Nuno :) Your support is a great help :)