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Saturday, 10 November 2012

Keep the judgments with you *

Alright you met me and you know my name and so? What makes you think that you can judge me? What makes you think that you know my life?
You can see my smiles, but you can’t see my tears. So, don’t say that my life is easy and perfect. It is not…
You can see me conquering my dreams, however you never saw my fights, my falls and my despairs.  Hence you can’t say that in my life everything falls from the sky, because it doesn’t.
You can look at me and I don’t say a thing. Do I have to? I might be suffering inside. Which rights do you have to label me and call me weird or a false person?
Yes you know my name but you don’t know my life, my story and my path.

So fuck off and live your life because I am living mine.

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