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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Bad day

Some days you want to be on your own.
You do not want to see or talk to someone. You just want to be alone.

Those days you make questions to yourself, you think about yourself and about the world...

You feel that nothing makes sense, you think that all your effort is in vain. Your will of living is fading away.

You see that the world is better without you, you believe that no one cares about you.

You try to find strength to change that feeling but the darkness doesn't let you
You try to find positive thoughts but only mean words come to your mind
You try to find hope and look to the bright side but the cruel voices and the evil laughs of your bad memories remind you that you are just a toy in people hands.

Everyone can kick you because you are not strong enough to stop them
Everyone can spit in your face because you are so  worthless.

Who cares about you?
Who cares about your insignificance?

No one, no one and no one.

And then you realise that you are the only one who sees things that way.

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